Millionaire Bacon sandwich made by Heston Blumenthal launched into space for Tim Peake

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Heston Blumenthal has created the world’s most expensive bacon sandwich, admitting the fuel alone to send the meal into space for Major Tim Peake cost “a couple of million pounds”.

The Michelin-starred chef’s bacon butty was among seven dishes – from red Thai curry to apple crumble – he created for Peake to take into space with him, to remind him of home during his sixth-month mission aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Read more

What’s the formula for the perfect bacon sandwich?

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The people have spoken. The nation’s favourite bacon butty recipe is – drum roll, please – white un-toasted sliced bread, smoked bacon and brown sauce. Shockingly, butter doesn’t get a look-in.

The research found that although 25 per cent of Brits prefer their bacon sandwiched between white bread slices, 21 per cent would rather have a white breadcake. Read more

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