Pork Party Appetisers Perfect For Summer

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Are you planning a garden party? A birthday party or wedding? Make your party stands out this summer with chorizo, meatballs and bacon. Whether you’re hosting your own gathering or making a dish to share, pork has you covered.

How about chorizo meatballs with manchego cheese to provide an elegant twist? The chorizo will add extra kick to your meatballs. You could season each meatball with basil and sprinkle some extra cheese over them for presentation. Read more

Sausages around the world to make your mouth water

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Sausage is one of the most versatile foods and can be used in many dishes – probably why it is so common in all parts of the world. Not only do sausages don unique flavours to compliment global cuisines they suit a number of seasonings and ingredients. If you’re a sausage lover, you’re in luck, because we’ve pulled together some of the best sausage dishes from around the world for you to enjoy. Read more

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