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Sausages around the world to make your mouth water

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Sausage is one of the most versatile foods and can be used in many dishes – probably why it is so common in all parts of the world. Not only do sausages don unique flavours to compliment global cuisines they suit a number of seasonings and ingredients. If you’re a sausage lover, you’re in luck, because we’ve pulled together some of the best sausage dishes from around the world for you to enjoy.


Sausage preparation across Europe can vary vastly. In the UK and Ireland, fresh and raw sausages made from a mixture of meats are popular however in Italy sausages are often made of pure pork and are commonly dried. Germany boast the widest range of sausages, including wieners, knockwursts, bockwursts and wieners.

Latin America

Within Latin America, many regional sausage varieties and recipes exist, including blood sausages (morcilla), chorizo and salchichas (similar to hot dogs). The most common variety is chorizo, which is raw, rather than cured and dried as in the Spanish version. Varieties among chorizo exist — in Mexico it’s normally fresh and dark red in colour, while in the rest of Latin America it’s mostly served chopped.


In Asia sausage is most widely consumed in Thailand which produce many regional varieties. In northern Thailand, a grilled minced pork sausage with curry paste is popular. A North Eastern region called Isan is home to a fermented sausage with a distinctly sour taste. Thai sausages are commonly paired with sticky rice, fresh vegetables and Thai chili paste.

North America

North America is home to a variety of different kinds of sausages. The first is breakfast or country sausage which is fresh and commonly sliced into patties, pan-fried or cooked into eggs. The other, andouille, comes from the state of Louisiana. A staple in Cajun and Creole cooking, andouille is made mainly of pork and is normally spicier in flavour.

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