Waterall Pork Butchers – Wholesale

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We are a market-leading wholesaler serving the Sheffield & beyond with a comprehensive range of high quality pork products. If you haven’t already heard of us, here’s where you find out who we are and how we go about our business. What you won’t find however is lots of marketing and advertising jargon. We believe in telling it like it is. Read more

So, is Tripe good for you?

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The lining of a pigs stomach, tripe has a chewy texture that can take some getting used to, but it has a mild flavour that works well in soups and stews. Tripe serves as a source of minerals as well as protein and vitamins your body relies on for good health. But tripe and other organ meats should be consumed infrequently — and in small portions — due to their cholesterol content, notes the University of Michigan Cardiovascular Centre. Read more

Celebration Pork Pies – A pie or two for all occasions…

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At Waterall, we think any pork pie is a cause for celebration, even more so when it’s a multi-tiered tower of pork and pastry, handmade to order with your choice of fillings and adornments; a brilliant way to say we do or happy birthday. Read more

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