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Celebration Pork Pies – A pie or two for all occasions…

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At Waterall, we think any pork pie is a cause for celebration, even more so when it’s a multi-tiered tower of pork and pastry, handmade to order with your choice of fillings and adornments; a brilliant way to say we do or happy birthday.

We make our large pork pies in several different sizes –5.5″, 7”, 10” all the way up to 13”. Whether you want the whole lot or just one large pie, we will decorate the top with pastry lettering, leaves and flowers as you wish.

Celebration Pork Pies at Waterall

You can choose from a range of fillings, which will be layered with pork and your choice of fruits and herbs – and you can opt for a different recipe for each tier. Our head baker Les will work with you to make sure your pie tastes exactly as you want it to – some of our favourite ingredients are smoked ham, chicken, venison, game (when in season), apricots, prunes, black pudding and sun-dried tomatoes.

Celebration Pork Pies by Waterall

Space allowing, we can add lettering, flowers, leaves and various other shapes to the top of your pie – just let us know what you’d like. Nothing says ‘I love you’ like ‘I love you’ written in hot water pastry on top of a giant pork pie…

Celebration Pork Pies by Waterall

Call us on 0114 272 2933 if you have any questions or would like to order.

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