UK Not Ready for Brexit’s Impact on Food, Report Warns

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The UK is unprepared for the most complex ever change to its food system, which will be required before Brexit, according to a new briefing paper published by SPRU, the Science Policy Research Unit at the University of Sussex. Read more

Demand for UK Pigs Continues to Reflect Hot Weather

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Demand for UK pigs continues to reflect the weather (hot) and, although the SPP only moved up by 0.15p to stand at 162.43p, spot prices have continued to reach for the sky with bids generally between 172p/kg and 175p/kg according to spec, with no shortage of takers, writes Peter Crichton in his latest “Traffic Light” commentary.

Most, but not all, weekly contribution prices have stayed at similar levels, although the odd penny increase was available here and there, and the overall range is between 160p/kg and 170p/kg. Read more

What do you know about the full English breakfast

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The full English breakfast can be considered as a British tradition that holds its source from the early 1300s. Up to now the traditional English breakfast is highly popular and you can find such a breakfast wherever British people have settled, as they take their tradition with them wherever they go. The British breakfast started from the gentry and it developed with the Victorians, who standardised the food and refined the tradition to create a truly national dish. Read more

Co-op to rely only on British for bacon and lamb

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The Co-operative has declared that it is to source all its fresh bacon and lamb from British farms.

Hailed by the National Farmers’ Union as a “bold move” that shows a real commitment to quality British food, the Co-op said its switch to 100 per cent domestic bacon and lamb will take effect in its stores from May 1 next year. Read more

An 86 Year Old Woman Fought Off Her Attacker With Nothing But Bacon

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An 86-year-old woman in Altrincham, England was robbed while withdrawing a large sum of money from an ATM outside a grocery store. To the robber’s surprise, their intended victim wasn’t as feeble and vulnerable as she may have appeared and actually managed to defend herself. But the octogenarian didn’t fight the attacker off with her fists. No, she was saved thanks to one of the items in her shopping bag – Bacon! Read more

Pull no punches with this slow cooker pulled pork

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Tender, juicy pulled pork has well and truly made its trotter mark on UK dinner tables – but what’s the secret to creating an authentic American version? Read our guide to seasoning, slow-cooking, serving and everything in between. Read more

Waterall lends a helping hand this Christmas

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Over the Christmas period, we all like to relax, socialise and spend time with friends and family, but sometimes the preparation beforehand can be stressful. Here at Wateralls we give you a helping hand to plan your meals over the festive period.

After all the excitement of whether Santa has been, Breakfast or Brunch is the next most important event of the day… Read more

Stay Lean With Pork – How does it size up to the competition?

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All you pork lovers are in luck. According to a study published in the February journal Obesity, Purdue University researchers found that including protein from lean pork in your diet can help you lose weight while maintaining more lean tissue, including muscle. The pork dieters rated themselves more positively in terms of overall mood and feelings of pleasure during dieting compare to those who ate less protein. Read more

Celebration Pork Pies – A pie or two for all occasions…

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At Waterall, we think any pork pie is a cause for celebration, even more so when it’s a multi-tiered tower of pork and pastry, handmade to order with your choice of fillings and adornments; a brilliant way to say we do or happy birthday. Read more

Pie to end all pies?

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As a child the highlight of my Saturday would be a quarter share of a freshly baked pork pie – bought from the local shop and more often than not still warm. Unfortunately the baker, Coopers of Rotherham, went into liquidation sometime in the mid-1980s, but my love for pork pie was born. Read more

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