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What do you know about the full English breakfast

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The full English breakfast can be considered as a British tradition that holds its source from the early 1300s. Up to now the traditional English breakfast is highly popular and you can find such a breakfast wherever British people have settled, as they take their tradition with them wherever they go. The British breakfast started from the gentry and it developed with the Victorians, who standardised the food and refined the tradition to create a truly national dish.

Millions of English breakfast fans still enjoy this Anglo Saxon dish from all around the world. But what is the English breakfast made of? It has been said that the English breakfast is a symbol of the cultural domination of Britain consisting of pork sausage, toast, baked beans, mushrooms, blood sausage, eggs, without forgetting our much loved bacon! Indeed, the traditional English breakfast would not have been the same without the traditional British back bacon. Just like in every corner of the world, they love bacon too!


Brits know how to make bacon right as they slice the meat in a proper way so that the slices include loin and belly, and this creates an irresistible bacon that has been perfected with centuries of practice. Without the pork loin and pork belly, the British bacon back rasher is not considered suitable for the full English breakfast.

Also known as the Fry Up, this Anglo Saxon breakfast tradition has been adopted throughout Great Britain and the world as well. Britain has many other wonderful traditions.

The humble Sunday roast dinner is another of the most iconic things that you can find in Britain. It has been found that no other food pictures better the national identity of Britain than roast potatoes, a piece of beef, and a Yorkshire pudding. The Sunday meal has even been found to be more popular than fish and chips according to the 2016 Britishness Audit that was carried out by Tetley. When queried about what they thought could be the country’s national emblem, most Brits said a cup of tea, and it was followed closely by the Big Ben and the face of Her Majesty The Queen. It’s rightly said that nothing in the UK starts with having the legendary cuppa, and most often people put the kettle on in response to any kind of crisis.

A love of pubs and talking about the weather are also top the list of typically English things. Nearly 75% of people think that enjoying a beer in a pub is typically English. It was also revealed that Brits put on their summer clothes as soon as the sun is visible, talk about the weather very often, are too apologetic, and rarely makes a fuss when the meal is not good in a restaurant.

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