1st June 2016 Debra

New Focus Farm Initiative to Improve Pig Farm Performance

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AHDB Pork is launching a first-of-its-kind initiative for English pig producers and allied industry. The Focus Farm is centred on ‘hands-on’ involvement and aims to improve physical and financial pig performance.

An industry-led project, the Focus Farm offers the opportunity for farmers, vets and industry experts to discuss challenges facing the pig industry through open discussions and tours of commercial units. It will provide an example farm on which to test or demonstrate new ideas and technologies in practice, to improve pig performance.

The first open meeting will be held in Lancashire on 20 June 2016. “We encourage farmers and industry experts from all over the country to come along. This first session will be in Lancashire but it isn’t restricted to farmers in that area,” says Charlotte Evans, technical innovation manager at AHDB Pork.

Charlotte says it is based on open discussions to help overcome the challenges facing pig producers.“We’re encouraging the pig industry to get involved with the project from the outset. On our own we may not have all the answers but, together, we can address some of today’s issues and work through them, pooling knowledge and experience.”

The first session, taking place in Lancashire, will include a tour of the host focus farm. Attendees will get the opportunity to review David Goodier’s data, benchmark and then look at solutions which can be tested and monitored on his 250-sow unit.

David is excited to be involved: “We have the chance to review pig production issues together, as a united front, to find practical solutions to some of the biggest challenges we face.”

The Focus Farm project will enable those in the pig industry to share real time, real farm, real situational experiences and up-to-date knowledge to enhance pig performance. It is the perfect opportunity to share ideas among peers to make changes both today and for future pig production.


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