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Bacon Performing Well; Roasts Continue to Decline

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During the 12 weeks ended 18 June, the primary pork volume sales decreased by 3 per cent on a year-on-year basis, according to the latest data from Kantar Worldpanel. However, a 5 per cent increase in the average retail price meant that overall spend was up by 2 per cent, writes Rebecca Oborne, AHDB Analyst.

Roasting joints have continued to record a decline in sales over the 12 week period, which as commented on in previous months could perhaps be linked to the reduced promotional activity seen this year.

Shoulder roasting joints saw a dramatic drop in volume sales with a reduction of 22 per cent. Although in contrast to this, average price was up by 8 per cent.

Bacon which had been struggling has seen some small increases in both volumes and average price resulting in the total spend increasing by 3 per cent. This is supported by other Kantar Worldpanel information, indicating that bacon was purchased on 1.5 million more shopping trips compared with last year.

Other processed products also performed well including sausages with volume sales up 2 per cent and sliced cooked meats, up 3 per cent.

Total spend on primary beef has remained steady looking at the 12 week period compared with last year. Although volume fell by 2 per cent, a price increase of 2 per cent balanced the total spend.

Primary poultry saw a total spend increase of 2 per cent year on year with volumes up 4 per cent.

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